Withdraw CSE to your Bank Account

First Step:

- Okay, we will start with transferring CSE from personal wallet to CSE Exchange Wallet flatform now for the first step. We click into “Wallet” from the CSE wallet, and we click “Send.” Then we click into CSE Exchange and click “Wallet,” Under the section CSE, we click “DEposit.” We can either exchange by QR code or copy the link and transfer it into the personal CSE wallet and paste it there. We only need to put the Google Authentication Code, the amount we want to get, and the 2FA code and click “Send.” It is all done. You only need to check if you have already received it. For the second step, we only need to transfer CSE into BTC or ETH to get the money

Next Step:

- The second step after transferring CSE from personal wallet to CSE Exchange. Now we will exchange CSE to ETH/BTC on Remitano to get it from the bank through internet banking. First, we click “Exchange.” Here, Phuc is guiding you, ladies/ gentlemen, through ETH so that the process is quicker and easier for you to understand. BTC will be the same. Here we have two pairs: CSE/ETH and CSE/ BTC, so we choose “CSE/ETH.” After that, we scroll to the Exchange stock proportion. We have 45 CSE, and we want to sell it to get ETH. Here we see the current selling price; the lowest selling price is here; the buyers buy for a reasonable price. They are buying 49 CSE at this price here. For fast trading, we can choose this exact price. We will select the price and the amount. Then we click “Sell.” Now, the order is in place. We can refresh the page. And the order is successful! We have finally exchanged 45 CSE to ETH. The next step after changing CSE to ETH. The third step is changing ETH to the Remitano market to sell ETH and get the money through Online Banking.

Next Step:

- The third step after transferring CSE to ETH/ BTC. We need to move it to Remitano so we can get the money through online banking. To get ETH into Remitano, we go to the CSE Exchange wallet, click "withdraw." Then we go to Remitano, connect into "Wallet," we can see the Ethereum section, the wallet of ETH of Remitano, we click "Copy" from the Wallet from Remitano. We paste the link onto the CSE wallet under "Withdraw Address" and input the amount. Here Phuc is transferring all, which is 0.575. The fee for transferring is 0.005, which means when we move into Remetano, it will only be 0.57. Before withdrawing, we will check the last time for the Wallet Address. Here the ending is 143. After checking carefully, we click "withdraw," the flatform asked for a Google Authentication code. After inputting the code, they asked us to check mail and confirm through email. We look for the email and open it to confirm. The email asks us to confirm by clicking the link. After clicking the link, we have a confirmation that our withdraw is a success! After that, we turn to the Wallet of CSE Exchange; they said we have already confirmed by mail. We now wait for some minutes for the Admin to verify that the transaction and it will show "Complete." Now, we successfully transfer the coin, we now go to Remitano to check for the transfer coins. It's not here yet, and oh, it's in BTC; let me change it to ETH. after a few minutes, the coin is in the wallet.

- After transferring it from the CSE exchange to Remitano, we will move onto the next step, to sell ETH/BTC to get money to our banking accounts.

Next Step:

- Next step, we will sell ETH that we just received from the CSE exchange. If you exchange it for BTC, we will continue to sell BTC to get money. And if you use ETH, you sell ETH. To sell ETH, we go to the main menu; we click ETH, we scroll down, here is for the buyers, we want to sell so we can see the selling price here. Here we see the ones who want to buy; we can sell here. The amount of ETH, we can see here, the amount of money is $118.30. Okay, so we click sell. The process is successful, and we have received the money in VND in Remitano. The next step is to withdraw the VND into our bank.

Final Step:

The last step after selling ETH/BTC and received the amount on Remitano. This is the part we transfer into our account. We click “withdraw.” We input the amount of money we need. Before we withdraw, we need to input our bank account so that we can withdraw money easily. We withdraw all the money and withdraw it into my Vietcombank account. We confirm withdrawing. Here it said that it is “Pending.” After waiting no more than 5 mins, it said it has delivered. And Phuc checked, the amount is in the internet banking of my account. Now we have done the five steps of withdrawing the CSE into your internet banking account. You can now do it by yourself and exchange stocks.